Our desire at Arise Birmingham is for every person to be equipped, empowered, and with a fire in their heart sent out for the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Join us as we take the gospel to our city and invite the power of God to be demonstrated in people’s lives. Jesus is ready to touch people in a life-changing way and we get to be a part of it! Hallelujah!

WHEN: Every second Saturday of the month at 9:30am

WHERE: Arise Birmingham

A word from our evangelist, Wes Springer...

Evangelism is a lifestyle! It’s not what you do, it’s who you are! God has fully equipped you by the power of the Holy Spirit to change the world. The harvest is ripe, Holy Spirit is eager, the victory has been won, and people are hungry for an encounter with the unstoppable love of God! Sons and Daughters, you have what people are longing for, RESSURECTION POWER through Jesus Christ!  GO! (Acts 1:8, John 20:21)

In Mark 16:15 Jesus tells his disciples to go and preach the good news. This was not a suggestion nor was it an invitation for them to do it at their convenience. It was an urgent commission that came from a burning desire for people to experience the abundant life that the Father always intended for them to have! The blood of Jesus Christ was shed so that every person could walk in the fullness of love, freedom, hope, joy, peace, and healing! We get to love people for a living, put that love into action everywhere we go, and help bring people into the fullness of what took place on the cross. We don’t need a platform, a time, place, or even an opportunity. We have Holy Spirit and he’s always in GO mode! When we step out, he steps out with us and the result is always powerful! (Mark 16:20, John 15:26-27)